zinstart 2016.jpg ZinSTART is a foliar fertilizer with a high content of water-soluble zinc and sulphur with organically bound carbon in the form of lignosulfonates. It activates the foliar system, stimulates the growth of roots and promotes the stem elongation. ZinSTART significantly increases resistance against the stress caused by drought and cold and supports the good health of the plant in general. Its characteristics have a positive impact on the yield and quality of harvested crops with an increased demand for zinc. Since lignosulfonates are chelating they enhance as a natural stimulant better income and use of supplied nutrients.

LIGNOSULFONATES are natural complexing agents fully soluble in water, extracted from wood. It is a natural stimulant and the source of nutrients for the plant.


Crops: cereals, corn, poppy, flax, sugar beet, leguminous crops, fruit trees, vegetables

Components: 120 g/l Zn, 150 g/l SO3, lignosulphonates




Burnel FratilaSC Vioagroserv SRL, Padina, jud Buzau
Crop: porumb
Product: ZinSTART