FARMI - Makes your life easier!

FARMI - Makes your life easier! May 22, 2020, All

A step forward to digital agriculture!

The FARMI application was launched for the French market in 2017. Since then, over 8000 farmers use it every day and since then several updates have been issued based on the requirements of farmers.

We are glad that we can introduce and launch this useful and very practical application, also in a new country that is Romania. Farmi has also been launched in countries as Czech Republic and Ukraine and in the next period can be used in: Russia, Poland and Bulgaria. Let's start making your life easier!

What is FARMI ?

Farmi is a new application, dedicated to all people interested in agriculture. With Farmi, users can have all the important information about agriculture in one application. Farmi is a complete application with different functionalities:

  • Weather forecast for agricultural professionals

  • Study of Euronext and Chicago quotes

  • Agricultural news summary

  • My account

  • Counseling specific treatments


Designed to support farmers in their daily work, Farmi is an application that centralizes all the useful datas for their agricultural activities in an intuitive interface. Its five features allow farmers to streamline the management of operations and take full advantage of the expertise of specialists.

With Farmi, all farmers, customers or anyone who wants to access it, have today a free application that will evolve according to their needs.


The full article about FARMI functionalities has appeared in the following publications:


We invite you to visit Farmi application website:

The application can be downloaded from: Google Play or App Store

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