MALTING BARLEY CROP GUIDE 21 octobre 2020, All

The technology used to grow malting barley is not much different from that for wheat. Barley is one of the plants recommended for crop rotation, being one of the most popular autumn crops.

This crop has brought much satisfaction to farmers over time. Observance of technological steps is another very important criterion, because with a quality harvest, barley can be capitalized at advantageous prices.

In order to reach the breweries and to be used in the production of this very popular beverage, the brewers are looking for barley transformed into malt that meets all the quality criteria.

Financial satisfaction is important if a quality culture is successful, but certainly also emotional ones, because farmers become passionate about this culture.
Everything that is beautiful and good is obtained with effort but also offers satisfactions, that's why we wish many farmers to grow barley for the best quality beer.
In this sense, the technical team of Soufflet Agro Romania has designed a guide for malting barley to help you have rich and quality harvests.

We invite you to read it, to analyze it and if you have proposals or questions, send us your opinions and suggestions. Open MALTING BARLEY CROP GUIDE.

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