Looking back at SOILTEQ TOUR 2018

Looking back at SOILTEQ TOUR 2018 11 janvier 2019, All

SOUFFLET AGRO international organised last November from the 12th until 16th its international SOILTEQ TOUR in France. The aim was to bring farmers from each countries members from our SOILTEQ CLUB and the local SOUFFLET AGRO referents agronomists.

Everybody met in Paris Charles de Gaulle airport and we took the road to reach the city of Le Mans where we got a visit of the famous 24H circuit and of the museum linked.

The first visit took place on the second day on the farm of Philippe PASTOUREAU, one the most advance farmer in French in conservation farming technologies, after 20 years of changes and reflexions.

For the third day, we stopped at the farm of SKY AGRICULTURE, using for 15 years the concepts developed in SOILTEQ, and recently fully converted to organic production. We got there a special conference about the interest of mixing different crops together and we visited their intercrops trial warehouse.

For the fourth and final day of discovering, we stopped at the farm of Bertrand PAUMIER, regional president of the BASE association (one of the main conservation farming structure in France) who have a very interesting comparison field (ploughing, min-tillage and direct sowing) for 20 years. And we finished our discovering tour with the visit of the SULKY/SKY factory near Rennes.

The final night was spent in Paris with a guided tour of the French beautiful capital city inside a new concept of bus restaurant.

Thank you for your cooperation!



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