KeepGUARD & FreezGUARD - Special price until November 15th: 1544 lei

KeepGUARD  & FreezGUARD - Special price until November 15th: 1544 lei 5 novembre 2018, All

The winter season comes and the preparation of the wintering machines is a very important action in every farm, in order to have them as perfect as possible. If you’ll respect some very simple rules, you’ll have machines in good condition, many years. For washing and maintenance of your machine, Soufflet proposes the package with innovative products  ’’KeepGUARD  & FreezGUARD- maintenance and protection’’, for a special price.

Cost package at list price: 2489 lei
Special price until November 15th: 1544 lei

Package contents: 10 l KeepGuard + 50 l FreezGuard

KeepGUARD is a cleaning agent of plant origin with multiple uses, designed especially for rinsing internal componets and cleaning the external components of all farming equipments.
FreezGUARD is an antifreeze liquid of plant origin that ensures deep cleaning of the entire sprayer distribution system.
It has anti-corrosion properties, prevents clogging of the nozzles and due to oily composition it prevents component drying and blocking of the valves. FreezGUARD dissolves residues of plant protection products that remain stuck to the sprayer.

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