Group Soufflet purchased the third silo in Romania

Group Soufflet purchased the third silo in Romania 24 mai 2019, All

Soufflet Group has successfully completed the negotiations for taking over the activity of the silo from Biled in Timis County from ADM LOGISTICS ROMANIA SRL. Under the agreement, the silo that now belongs to Soufflet will be the third silo owned by the French group in Romania, alongside those in Braila and Ţăndărei, which are registered as entities called Soufflet Facilities.

The silo from Biled has 22,000 tons capacity, 12 vertical metallic cells, it is equipped with modern reception facilities (electronic scales and data recording systems, analysis laboratories, commodity conditioning systems), verification of the quantity and quality of the products, according to the legislation. There will also be a warehouse of inputs inside the new silo, which will increase the development potential in the area.

We are glad to announce that this project has been successful since we believe it is a great benefit also for us as society and for all of our Western clients. Investments are very important in agri-business area, so we have always strived to develop year by year. We have identified for several years the opportunity to consolidate Banat area as one of the best ways to strengthen our position at the local and national level.


We believe that this acquisition will have positive consequences that will redefine our polyvalent business status in agribusiness as it will significantly contribute to building a representative regional player for the West area.

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