FARMI - new digital era is here

FARMI - new digital era is here 10 mars 2020, All

Makes farming easier for you!

Not sure if it is the right time to apply treatment? Do you want to know the price development of main crops or the most actual agro news? Simply use our new FARMI app. These and more useful information are gathered in one place.

What more? Are you Soufflet customer and would you like to manage your business from wherever you are? FARMI carries all information about your supplies, your purchases, opening hours of nearest silos, etc. – all well and practically organized in one app.

SOUFFLET GROUP introduced FARMI in French in 2017. Since that, over 8000 farmers are using it every month and SOUFFLET GROUP has issued several updates based on farmers requirements.

We are happy that we can launch this helpful and very practical app also in our country.

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