25 fév

Promo Campagne of Unique Range of SOUFFLET Products

For product quantities equivalent to 100 hectares, the 10 + 5 campaign is valid, starting 15.02.2018 and by the end of the month, for all SOUFFLET fo…

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19 fév

Malting Barley Grower Clubs 2018

In the beginning of 2018, Soufflet Agro Romania organized 6 symposiums about malting barley culture. The Malting Barley Grower Club had a large audie…

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1 déc


Next week, on 6th of December, Soufflet Agro Romania will organize The AGROTEQ Club, which will take place at Tecadra Hotel, in Bucharest.

Our speci…

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22 nov

SGA: Soufflet Grain Analityc

On 28.11.2017 will take place the symposium "SGA- SOUFFLET GRAIN ANALITYC CLUB", a new project, organized for the first time by Soufflet Agro Romania…

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16 nov

Malting Barley Grower Club

Soufflet Agro Romania will organize on 7.12.2017 a new edition of the Malting Barley Growers Club in Turda, Cluj County.

The seminar aims to promote…

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