22 nov

SGA: Soufflet Grain Analityc

On 28.11.2017 will take place the symposium "SGA- SOUFFLET GRAIN ANALITYC CLUB", a new project, organized for the first time by Soufflet Agro Romania…

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16 nov

Malting Barley Grower Club

Soufflet Agro Romania will organize on 7.12.2017 a new edition of the Malting Barley Growers Club in Turda, Cluj County.

The seminar aims to promote…

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10 oct

SOILTEQ - the Innovative Project of Soufflet Agro

SOUFFLET AGRO ROMANIA cares about your soil health and performance. That is why we have joined the innovative project of Soufflet GROUP that is succe…

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29 jul

SOUFFLET SEEDS - New Seed Brand Avalaible Exclusively in Soufflet Agro

SOUFFLET SEEDS has been launched in 2017 in all over the Europe

Due to experiences with the breeders and network of experimental field plots all ove…

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21 jul

Soufflet Agro Romania Has Launched New Innovative Service for Your Better Profit

FertiDRONE service is the next step towards optimization of fertilization which you could see during our Field days in 2016. With our drone specializ…

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