24 mai

SOILTEQ - May 2018

A new edition of  SoilTEQ club organized by Soufflet Agro Romania along with Patrick Valmary, a specialist in agronomy, will take place on 29.05.2018…

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21 mai

PHYTOTEQ Club, The first agronomic club of this year!

The first agronomic club of this year, the PHYTOTEQ Club was held this spring in Braila on 18.04.2018 and in Urziceni on 19.04.2018.

Mr. Charles And…

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10 mai

AGROTEQ - May 2018

Soufflet Agro Romania is organizing on 16.05.2018 the AGROTEQ Club that will take place in the Southern area of the country at Red Confort Hotel in A…

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12 avr


The first agronomic event of 2018, the PhyToteq Club, organized by Soufflet Agro Romania, will take place this spring in two locations, on 18.04.2018…

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12 mar

SGA Club 2018

In March, we intend to bring to your attention the organization of the second SGA Club, which will be held this year in two locations, Galaţi on Marc…

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