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Discover Sustainable Agriculture 1 novembre 2016, AgriCultura365

Soufflet Agro Romania organised the second meeting of SOILTEQ club in Mihail Kogalniceanu, Ialomita county, farm Sopema company on 18th October 2016. Farmers came from across the country to attend this club and in circle discuss with other farmers interesting topics. Those are farmers who have problems with the normal exploitation of the soil and looking for viable and sustainable solutions to improve soil characteristics in order to its better "functioning".

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6 sep

SOILTEQ - Explore Sustainable Agriculture with Soufflet Agro Romania

SOILTEQ project was created for investigation of a sustainable and durable agriculture. Soufflet Group set up this project in our countries as a result of improper use of soils. The club is in: France, Czech Republic, Russia, Poland and Ukraine. Excessive irrigation, monoculture, excessive fertilization, incorrect application of agrotechnics - all this can lead to fatigue and soil degradation.

16 mai


The second meeting of SOILTEQ Club held last week in the farm of Arnaud Perrein from Mihail Kogalniceanu, county Ialomita. It is not a club in the true sense, it is rather a program that combines modern agricultural practices with traditional practices to reach the sustainable use of durable soil. Program is supported by Soufflet Agro.


22 mai

FARMI - Makes your life easier!

A step forward to digital agriculture!

The FARMI application was launched for the French market in 2017. Since then, over 8000 farmers use it every …

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