Tandarei Silo

The silo situated in Tandarei and has capacity of 23,000 tons. It was acquired in 2012.

One of the largest investment projects made at the silo in Tandarei, took place in 2014. It contained the construction of the seed station and the warehouse for products phyto-sanitary.



Total capacity 23 000 T
Balance platform 40 meters, 60T
Reception capacity 1000 t/24 hours
Shipment capacity (trucks)  1000 t/24 hours
Accepted crops malting barley, feed barley, corn, peas, rape seeds, soybean, feed wheat and milling wheat, seeds
Drying capacity 500 to percent  /24 h

Seed station


statia de semite02.jpg


Warehouse for plant protection products




Garii street, no. 88, county. Ialomita, 

postal code 925200

Ion Stan

Silo Manager

Phone: 0742 204 140 | E-mail: istan@soufflet.com