Starting micro-granulated fertilizer ensuring effective nutrition of emerging plants by well-balanced combinations of good available nutrients while ensuring high efficiency of applied fertilizers. Directed fertilization during sowing ensures direct contact with the root hair and rapid intake of supplied nutrients. This supports quick plant start into vegetation and development of the root system.

The TPP technology is an additive in this phosphate fertiliser which prevents fixation and the retrogradation of phosphorus added to the soil.


Crops: cereals, corn, sunflower, winter rape, sugar beet, potatoes, poppy

Composition: 12% N, 43% P2O5, 2% MgO, 11% SO3, 0,7% Zn



Fermier PrahovaNO
Crop: floarea-soarelui
Product: FertiBOOST

Burcea MariusSC Chim Sem AGRO, loc Visina, Dambovita
Crop: grau
Product: FertiBOOST